Institutional framework

The company's security services (I.E.P.Y.A.) operate according to the operating conditions and the necessary qualifications and duties of staff such, pursuant to Law 3707/2008 (Government Gazette 209 / A / 8-10-2008), which replaced the Law 2518/1997:

In Article 1 defined what private enterprise security services.

In Article 2 defines the terms and conditions for enterprise authorization security services.

License – Conditions

1. Businesses operating under paragraph 1 of Article 1 shall be required to hold an ad hoc authorization, issued by the Chief of Staff of the Greek Police Headquarters, after consultation with the three-member committee, consisting of the Head of the Office of Legal Counsel General Secretariat of Public Order Ministry of Interior, the Section Head of the Department Response Crime of the Public Security Department and Head of Section of the Weapons Department and Explosives of the State Security Division of the Greek Police Headquarters or their legal substitute, provided that the person requesting the following conditions :

a. a Greek citizen or homogeneous or citizen of a country - member of the European Union provided for the latter there is no impediment of public policy or public security or public health,

b. has over 18 years of age, c. has irrevocably convicted seopoiadipote penalty for the crimes of insubordination, desertion, attacks of government betrayal of the country, attacks against the free exercise of political rights, attacks against the state power, in sexual freedom and economic exploitation of sexual life, criminal organization, terrorist offenses, forgery, counterfeiting, forgery, infidelity on the service, breach of confidentiality of phone calls and oral conversation, theft, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, extortion, bribery or bribery , oppression, drugs, animal stealing, smuggling and on arms and explosives, whether the sentence is written or not in the criminal record of the applicant,

d. has not been irrevocably sentenced to a term of imprisonment exceeding six (6) months for a crime under Article 7 of this law and for any crime committed with intent,

e. not accepted temporarily or irrevocably indicted for a felony or an offense of case c 'or even convicted by a final judgment of a felony or an offense of case c. The impediment is valid until a final decision acquitting f. Has not been deprived of his political rights, even if it has expired the time set for their withdrawal,

g. not under guardianship,

the. has been dismissed from public service for a disciplinary offense related to the offenses of case c of this paragraph,

i. is manufacturer or dealer of weapons, ammunition or explosives and

j. is not suffering from any form of mental illness and not a user of drugs.

2. Where the application for authorization relates to company the authorization issued in the name of the legal entity. For limited companies, the conditions of the preceding paragraph need to exist on the face of each of the Board members and their representatives, as well as those shareholders that hold or acquire shares representing at least fifteen percent (15%) of the share capital. All shares of these companies is to be registered. The same aforementioned conditions required to be met in the face of each of the Board members and company representatives, which is a shareholder of at least fifteen percent (15%) of the share capital of the anonymous security services company. For limited liability companies and general partnerships or limited partnerships, these conditions must be fulfilled by each of the partners and their managers, and members of the Board and representatives of any form of company that participates in at least fifteen percent (15%) of the capital of these companies. For each change of the legal form of the company require the issuing of a new license.

3. This authorization is not transferable, valid for five (5) years, renewable for a similar period, provided that the conditions of the original grant.

4. Minister of Interior defines the documentation required for the issuance and renewal of authorization, the procedure and all other necessary details.

5. Private security firms may use uniform for the employment of these security personnel. The type of suit that is uniform for all companies determined jointly by the Interior and of Defence Ministers.

6. Undertakings authorized authorized to pursue their profession throughout the territory.

7. If you reject the application for a license or renewal of business of this Article, the applicant may appeal to the Deputy Chief of the Greek Police, within a deadline of ten (10) days from the notification of a negative decision. '

In Article 3 defines the terms and conditions for safety staff work permit.

In Article 4 lays down the obligations of undertakings and security staff.

Section 5 deals with the issue of firearms by staff of the sector companies.

In Article 6 sets themes about the staff employed by the undertakings of the sector.

In Articles 7 and 8 sets out the criminal and administrative penalties for individuals who provide security services without cover rules prescribed by law.

In Articles 9-11 down various procedural issues related to the functioning of the sector's companies.



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Institutional framework and authorization


History of Security

The history of private security starts from the 19th century.