Historical origins of the profession: Many people believe that the concept of private security is a symptom of the times, however, the private security has its roots in antiquity. Private security before the public because the public order came through integrated and organized states. So if they had now sufficiently legislated and built the concept of the state and its institutions and had embrace this consciousness of citizens. Thus the first steps of all cultures, pre-organized and structured state, the preservation needs of persons and goods undertook in the early stages themselves individuals, later the masters hand over the task of safeguarding their property to trusted servants and authorized individuals.

Shortly after, in organized states simultaneously with the existence of public policy instruments, consequently the measures of the private class, the first class of guards for which as mentioned by honorable and international criminologist K. Spyridon Kiriakakis in Plato's " POLITEIA"," talk about art, science and the other qualifications must have 'keepers. " Formulated full sentences for treatment and their education and even in the book "State D" refers to the "science of the guards. ''

But the industry of private security organized in the form of business security service, makes its appearance in America from the mid-19th Century AD while in Europe ".... in the early 20th century AD

In Greece the practice of the profession started in the mid 1970. The services undertaken by the first enterprises in general continue to date in providing private security concerning the safe transfer of money, securities and precious objects (special armored vehicles To this end), storage personnel and installations from fire accidents and criminal acts with fixed points guards and patrol guarding (patrol), guarding embassies and banks, custody individuals by providing bodyguards and escorts, installing alarms and monitoring systems through closed circuit cameras and later operating alarm monitoring centers and informing authorities.

In the greek timeliness , the profession of security services over all branches of economic activity. It shows high growth rates, which is confirmed by the very high annual increase corresponding jobs. One of the reasons that so much of the upward, is the assignment of rights and part of the tasks of public policy to private companies providing security services, which offer their services to all most sectors of the economy of private and public sector. Especially in our country 2,188 firms have authorization to provide security services, according to N. 3707/2008 (Headquarters Police response to inquiries from the Federation - 06.09.2015). The vast majority of businesses are small, providing a wide range of services including all those referred to N.3707 / 08, swelling the number of employees and number of work permits over 40,000 employees (fixed and seasonal employment).

Creation of the Federation: On 11.04.2002, in order to claim, preservation, study and promotion of common economic and professional interests of its members in the service of society, the founding members, the Security Business Association of Western Greece, the Association Business Security Macedonia and Thrace, the Security Association of the Peloponnese and Zakynthos, the Panhellenic Association of Installers Systems Alarm and Security Association of Hotel Managers recommend secondary professional organization (Federation) under the name "Elliniki Omospondias Asfaleias".



Institutional framework and authorization


History of Security

The history of private security starts from the 19th century.