7/10/2014   Written application of the Hellenic Association amending hours at the Ministry of Labour and the Federation document OMYPAE (Supporting)

17/10/2014   Request Federation Ministry of Labour amending hours.

31/10/2014   Document which re-submitted with a transmissive two (2) preceding the General. Secretary of Inspector.

12/11/2014  Meeting OMYPAE, Federation and the Ministry of Labour on the support of three (3) above. (Mr Agrapidies and Mr Mangas)

14/11/2014   Federation Meeting on the support of three (3) above. ( Mr Doufexis)

18/12/2014 Federation’s question ERGANI. Mr Bakeas- Mr Pantazis. Subject: Modification hours. Alongside Meeting with Mr Bakeas /  Mr Pantazis / Workers Federation / Security Federation.

18/2/2015 Question three (3) associations to the Ministry of Labour for keeping restister

22/7/2015  Notification seat-sector problems in the Ministry of Labour (Chaikalis - Katrougalos). Deposit pleading document and meeting with Chaikalis / Katrougalos / Workers Federation / Security Federation.

15/10/2015 Meeting with  General Secretary of Public Order / Security Federation / Workers Federation / Representative GSEE / Representative OMYPAE / Director KEMEA (Gkrezis) / Representatives of G4S and ICTS

7/9/2016        The first annual ordinary meeting take a part at the offices of the Federation which approved the financial report of the year 2015. The registration and integration of EOA in the European Confederation of Societies Security COESS was completed.


Institutional framework and authorization


History of Security

The history of private security starts from the 19th century.