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EOA Goals

Cultivation, aiding, development and dissemination of the spirit of trade unionism in the field of security services

Systematic Research

Systematic research of the problems facing the sector is the most appropriate for collective claims and resolve them.

Support and Rights

Protect and safeguard intellectual and industrial property rights over the products of its members EOA

Representation EOA

EOA represents its members at any authority or public or private.

Many people believe that the concept of private security is a symptom of the times, however, the private security has its roots in antiquity. Private security was before the public because the public order came through integrated and organized states.
So if they had now sufficiently legislated and built the concept of the state and its institutions and had embrace this consciousness of citizens. Thus the first steps of all cultures, pre-organized and structured state, the preservation needs of persons and goods undertook in the early stages themselves individuals, later the masters hand over the task of safeguarding their property to trusted servants and authorized individuals.

In the greek timeliness the profession of security services exist at all over branches of economic activity. It shows high growth rates, which is confirmed by the very high annual increase corresponding jobs. One of the reasons that so much of the upward, is the assignment of rights and part of the tasks of public policy to private companies providing security services, which offer their services to all most sectors of the economy of private and public sector.



Institutional framework and authorization


History of Security

The history of private security starts from the 19th century.