I wish to inform you of the legal establishment and operation of our following employers' organizations:

A. The primary employer Our organization called "Association of Service Companies Security" (S.E.P.Y.A.) established under the no. 531/2014 recognition order Association of Magistrate of Athens and has legally obtained the no. 30411 registry association (special number 6277).

It has its headquarters in Athens and in particular on the road Paradeisou 29 and Zagora leased premises in Marousi.

Members of the Association are some of the largest companies in the industry, such as MEGA SPRINT GUARD AE, ISS SECURITY SA, JCB SECURITY AND FACILITY SA, MEGA GROUP SECURITY SA and MONDIAL POL HELLAS SECURITY AE. And dozens of other smaller

In this club (as well as the Federation) have expressed interest and support and other industry companies such as G4S SECURITY SA, BRINKS SECURITY, SECURITAS, ICTS and letter them have welcomed the effort and maintain a waiting mode to PRESENT

B. The primary our employers' organization under the name "ASSOCIATION OF MACEDONIA AND THRACE SAFETY" based in Thessaloniki and concretely in the Silence road no. 7. This primary professional association (Association) was established by by 01.15.2001 Minutes Establishment Association consisting of twenty-two (22) in the number of founding members who are business owners who are mainly involved in the provision of security services n.2518 / 1997 in the region of Macedonia and Thrace.

Our this association established under the no. 23006/2001 decision of the First Instance Court of Thessaloniki (Voluntary Jurisdiction) and is legally take the no. 6954 union registry.

That our Association after long inaction, revived and appointed interim administration under no. 1988/2014 decision of the County Court of Thessaloniki. So, after conducting the elections 02.13.2015 is again legitimate and fully operational.

C. The primary our employers' organization named "NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SECURITY BUSINESS" based in Thessaloniki and with Reg Ir / Instance 354 / 07.11.2014. This primary professional association (Association) established under no. 156S / 2014 decision of the district court of Thessaloniki and comprises 22 founding members who are business owners who are mainly involved in the provision of security services n.2518 / 1997. This Association is in full and legal operation and has conducted elections on 10/18/2014 in Thessaloniki for the election of the Board of this.

D. In addition, we recommend that only legally functioning and recognized secondary employers' organization in the industry under the name "Elliniki Omospondia Asfaleias" (E.O.A.), based in Athens, which has received a serial identification number 688 and a special number 5395 the Athens Court of First Instance.

Purpose of the operation and the composition of our business organizations is growing, aid, development and dissemination of the spirit of trade unionism in the sector of security services, namely undertakings which have as their activity, providing security services n.2518 / 1997 generalising participation in all primary trade unions and through them to the corresponding secondary and tertiary trade union organizations.

The systematic study of the sector's problems and the representation of its members against all kinds of entities clearly fulfilled effectively through trade unions that provide stronger incentive and impact than individual attempts by one company.

The office of the Association and the Federation we open daily at Marousi (Paradeisou 29 and Zagora) staffed by Secretariat (working hours 9:00 to 16:00).
Tel 210 6851086 .

Our Federation has seized the first moment of our industry problems having actively taken steps to resolve them before the competent public bodies.

Indicatively, both in writing and orally by the year 2014, making relevant meetings, it has dealt extensively submitting such requests before the competent Ministry of Labour and the associated Special Secretary of the labor inspectorate (APR) on the Special Book Modifier working hours and overtime was instituted with paragraph 2 of Article 14 of N.4225 / 2014 (A 2) which replaces paragraph 1 of article 80 (Special Book Overtime) of n.4144 / 2013 (A88). Subsequently and after 08/12/2014, when it was published in the Government Gazette in paragraph 1 of Article 55 of N.4310 / 2014 (A 258), which abolished the obligation and completion, by the employer, the Special Book Modifier working hours and overtime provided for by the provision of paragraph 2 of Article 14 of Law. 4225/2014 (A 2), our Federation exposing the practical difficulty in applying this provision for our enterprises, given the particular and demanding their nature, operate continuously, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, made detailed proposals to the competent bodies, having also the support and the Federation of Workers (OMYPAE).

Besides the above, we most often apply the update to date existing categorization of fines in high and very high infringements of labor legislation by virtue of No. 2063 / D1 632 / 02.03.2011 Decision (OG V266 / 18-2 -2011), which despite the amendments to the law as set out above has not received from the date of adoption of no editing in conjunction with n.4144 / 2013 amending Article 68 of n.3863 / 2010.

After all, the fight against undeclared work and ensure the jobs of workers in this difficult economic climate, and rationalization at the same time of very large fines through more effective preventive and not repressive "punitive" intervention of APR in delinquency cases constitutes a primary concern and purpose of both our sector companies and public bodies.

Besides the above, we held on 10.15.2015, represented by our Chairman, Mr Panagiotis Pappas, meeting at the Ministry of Public Order with the Secretary General, Mr Anagnostaki. The meeting was attended by representative of OMYPAE, GSEE and of G4S and ICTS companies and end this was the main director of KEMEA Gkrezis.

The theme of this our meeting on the treatment of bureaucratic delays observed by the competent authorities on the issue and renewal of work permits guards, since an increase of workers in our industry that is not matched proportionately by accelerating the renewal process permits.

Then on assurances we received from the competent institutions, able to contribute to the carrying out in the year 2015 third examination period, while wrung their relative commitment (KEMEA EOPEP, and) for making at least six (6) examination in 2016. In fact, the Ministry Public Order and particularly the Greek Police will send to the relevant police stations related internal circular that allows downloading of individual applications for renewals of licenses before the planned period of two months, in order to mitigate the delay period.

Below we attach to this letter our some of the demands that we submit to the competent bodies, representing the best possible way the problems of our industry, trying to actively contribute to their normalization.

At this point we should note that we have already launched the procedure for the registration of our Federation in both the BSE and the pan-European confederation CoESS (Confederation of European Security Services). Note that today our country is not represented by a corresponding Greek Federation across Europe.

Finally, in the coming months will be put into operation and press office that will promote our actions to a wider level and aim to change public opinion and prevent wrongs on our industry.

We are at your disposal for any further clarification or information.

 We will be glad to contribute actively made in our efforts with your views and writing in our clubs.


On behalf of the Secretariat.



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